We have been using the services of Brandt Segedin LP since they started in business as our specialist taxation advisors, Carl Brandt prior to that for many years.

Our team have no restriction placed on them for the number of queries they can run past Carl and Julie which has meant considerably less time spent by us researching complicated taxation issues clients may strike.

If we require written advice, this is supplied in a very timely manner . All invoices are presented in a manner to us so that either the time or fee can be on charged to the client.

Having used a number of other Firms in the past, we have found Carl and Julie willing to offer alternatives, if appropriate ,unlike the others.

We have no hesitation in recommending Brandt Sedegin LP to other Accountancy Practises for specialist advice.

Bruce Webster CA,
Webster and Co,

“At Gyde Wansbone we routinely refer our tax queries to Brandt Segedin. A quick phone call or email ensures a quick response with accurate, relevant and helpful advice. We rarely research tax issues ourselves – it is quicker and cheaper to call Brandt Segedin and we can be confident they will provide us with all the information we need, including recent developments. When doing our own research we cannot be sure we’ve found everything we need to consider. We enjoy our dealings with Carl and Julie – it’s great to be able to talk to someone you know and trust.

Carl Brandt has also led several in house tax training sessions for our team. We find this a useful and cost effective way of keeping the team up to date. There is no need for travel, the whole team hears the same discussion and can ask questions as they occur, and we can further develop our systems or workpapers as a result of our discussions. Carl’s presentations are interesting and understandable, tailored to the needs of our team.”

Joanne Wansbone CA
Accounting Manager
Te Awamutu

We never hesitate in contacting Carl for taxation advice. He is excellent in the way that he delivers the advice as it is always clear and rather than present us with a negative answer, he discusses options to try and achieve legally the result we and our client want.

He is readily available, even on his holidays. We rate him 10 out of 10 in his field. We are more than happy to answer questions of any prospective clients for Carl.

Kevin Garty
The Business Builder
Garty Honiss

We rely on Brant Segedin as an extension of our practice. With this relationship we have all the access to specialist tax resources of a large firm, but with the ability to obtain independent opinions where required. Brandt Segedin are responsive and approachable.

Wade Glass, Director,
Ecovis KGA Accountants

For some time I have used Brandt Segedin for tax specialist services, finding their opinions are delivered promptly and at an efficient cost. In urgent situations they have always delivered. My clients and I find the advice to be very clear and understandable.  Their knowledge is very current and applied in a relevant manner while exploring all options. I now very rarely look at a tax guide as it is less expensive for the client by me seeking specialist advice from the outset. Their Regular webinars are interesting to attend and very practical.

David Hooper,
David Hooper CA Ltd

Tax legislation and interpretation is continually changing, and the associated risks have never been greater.  That’s why we are grateful to have Julie and Carl ‘in our corner’ when it comes to analysing the more complex tax implications of various client scenarios. I have no hesitation recommending Brandt Segedin to any firm requiring professional and efficient specialist tax advice.

Rachel Darlington
Business Like NZ Limited, Manukau

We have been very impressed with the level of service, knowledge and commercial acumen since working with Carl and Julie.

Chartered Accountants

Julie and Carl have provided tax update training seminars as well as presentations on legislation changes. Their presentation style is clear, relaxed and informal which encourages the participants to ask questions to further their learning. They provide concise handouts which are often referred back to by participants at a later date. Our firm is currently discussing with Brandt Segedin the topic of our next in house seminar.

Brandt Segedin is our preferred provider of independent tax advice and we have no hesitation in recommending them to other Accountancy firms.

Gavin Haddon
Cooper Aitken & Partners

We are thankful for the timely and comprehensive assistance and advice for our clients. We very much appreciate ongoing access to the expertise of Brandt Segedin in taxation issues as do our clients. We particularly value their accessibility in situations where urgency requires prompt advice, as is so often the case with property transactions.

Margaret Kellaway
Kellaways Lawyers,

We use Brandt Segedin for specialist tax advice and staff training and are very happy with the service and quality of advice.

One of their strengths is to give solutions with very few "ifs and buts" and straight to the point answers. The turn around is very quick which is great especially while the issues are fresh in your mind. We also consider their charge out rates to be very fair and competitive.

John Landers
Shannon Wrigley & Co Ltd

There’s nothing quite like having the comfort of giving advice to clients knowing that the advice has been scrutinised by experts. Carl and Julie provide clear, concise and practical expert taxation advice promptly and at a price that is value for money.

In addition, their in-house training sessions with our firm have meant that our accounting staff are kept up to date with recent developments and revision of those tricky accounting and taxation issues that we all face. They make learning easy and fun.

We thoroughly recommend Brandt Segedin as our firm’s choice of taxation consultants.

Bruce Mackrell and Lloyd Murcott
Mackrell Murcott

I began using Brandt Segedin Tax Advisory five years ago after becoming frustrated with the inflated costs of the firm previously giving us tax advice and never getting the answer I needed from CCH. I love the service and the way Julie and Carl answer my queries regarding tax legislation in a language I can understand!

Shaun Corbett CA
SIDEKICK (Auckland North) Ltd

StreetSMART Accountants Ltd has used Brandt Segedin for over five years now and have found their expert tax assistance prompt, concise, efficient and reasonably priced.

Ann Cooper-Smith Director,
StreetSMART Accountants Ltd

I find Julie and Carl will consider not only the tax questions I ask but the wider tax and commercial issues associated with it. They explain the answers and issues very clearly both technically and practically to make them easier to understand.  They are friendly and patient too, and continue to provide a great service and value to me over a number of years of service.

Allan Ding
Ding & Associates

I have no hesitation in recommending Brandt Segedin. The advice we receive from Carl and Julie is clear, succinct and informative. They are prompt and thorough in their replies.

Margaret Pepper, Director
Chester Grey Chartered Accountants Ltd

I have used Brandt Segedin for a few years now and have found their advice much more practical and useful than previous providers. I highly recommend Carl and Julie for all specialist and general taxation advice, great people to deal with and only a phone call away.

Jason Eade,
Accountants Plus

I deal regularly with both principals in this limited partnership. They check my newsletter articles and I have referred one or two challenging cases to them.

I have been delighted with their service. Their responses come back quickly and I have a lot of confidence in their ability.

I am happy to recommend Brandt Segedin LP to my clients.

Norman Ryder-Lewis
Ryder-Lewis & Associates Limited
Upper Hutt

To support our accounting and business advisory service to clients, we need access to taxation specialists of the highest calibre. We have benefitted from our association to Carl Brandt and Julie Segedin since April 2006 and their extensive knowledge of tax legislation and court cases, enables answers to be provided in a timely manner. Whether we require a full blown tax opinion to a complex situation or a sounding board to confirm our own analysis and conclusions, we have always found Carl and Julie to be extremely approachable and their service is second to none.

Morrison Creed
Business and Property Investment Advisors
Chartered Accountants
Palmerston North

We have used Brandt Segedin since their business commenced.

In providing advice, we find Brandt Segedin to be knowledgeable, responsive and extremely quick on picking up on the salient issues and points.

Above all, we appreciate Carl and Julie’s ability to take what are in some cases complicated tax issues and break them into easily understood key points and solutions.

Ross Engert,
Simmonds & Ball Ltd

"My firm regularly engages the services of Carl Brandt as a consultant on the more complex tax issues we address with our clients. We have found Carl to be extremely practical in the way he thoroughly critiques the issues, but also can provide alternative options that could result in the desired outcome for our clients. His commercial approach gives us and our clients further peace of mind when dealing with the minefield of tax legislation and case law."

Lincoln Sharp
Campbell Tyson Cooper White Limited

“We are a small provincial practice with a wide range of clients, with a wide range of issues. While we have a good working knowledge of more general tax law, we really appreciate the prompt, expert advice available from Brandt Segedin to clarify specific tax issues. This service allows us to be much more productive with our time.”

Kate Joblin & Co Ltd
Chartered Accountants

We have utilised Carl and Julie’s undoubted tax and related expertise for the benefit of our clients for a number of years. We have posed a very large number of queries to them, including seeking their assistance with complex tax issues. We have always received outstanding, comprehensive, prompt and succinct advice. This advice is invariably proffered in an understandable matter. They both ensure they understand properly the issues we pose to them and provide a range of commercially acceptable options for us to respond to our clients with. We have found their services invaluable. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other Chartered Accountants seeking professional cost effective tax and related solutions for their clients.

Dinu Harry, Director
Bertelsen Harry Waters Ltd

Brandt Segedin provides sound practical advice with thorough detailed technical support, all for very reasonable, good value fees. They are great to work with.

Raeleen Hunter, Managing Director
Chartered Accountants - Tax - IT Specialists

Julie and Carl are prepared to take a firm positon rather than sitting on the fence. They back that up with reason and technical support. They will explore all the options and discuss and debate these with you if needed. They are also great sounding boards and always “talk straight”.

Donna Upchurch, Director
Chapman Upchurch Limited